North Langley Baseball and Aldergrove Minor Baseball are please to launch a website dedicated to the Township Blue Sox program.

Please visit Township Blue Sox Baseball to find out more about this program created for our 15U and 18U high level players.


The Township Blue Sox board is proud to announce the our 15U AAA roster for the 2021 season. Congratulations!

Beckham Pilat - Aldergrove

Dexter Byers - North Langley

Dylan Giddens - Aldergrove

Jacob Buelens - Aldergrove

Jacob Friesen - North Langley

Kian Emery - North Langley

Kyu Lumsdon - North Langley

Nathan Taylor - Aldergrove

Nicholas Casquilho - North Langley

Owen Carlson - North Langley

Shamus Dunton - Aldergrove

Triston Rivet - North Langley

Tyler Blatz - Aldergrove

Township Baseball is pleased to announce that Joe Germaine has accepted the position as Player Development Director for our three divisions, 15U AA, AAA and 18U AAA.

Joe has developed a training program that aligns with our vision for the direction of the program moving forward. Part of Joe’s philosophy for improving the players baseball skills is by focusing on increasing athleticism. We are confident that having Joe join our program will enable all of our players to continue to learn and grow into better athletes and ballplayers.   

The Township program was created to allow players access to high level and competitive baseball at an accessible cost.

Adding Joe’s experience and passion for this sport will be a huge step forward. In addition to player development, our long term vision is to have consistency with all of our coaches as players move from 15U to 18U College Prep.

We encourage players and parents to read the numerous articles on Joe and the various associations he has been a part of as a trainer and athlete.

To register for our Township Blue Sox Program, please follow this link:

Township Blue Sox Baseball