We are pleased to announce that NL will be running the “TSET” program for this season. “TSET” is short for Tadpole Select Extra Training. Josh Macknee is leading our 9U (AKA Tadpole) TSET team for this season. The following players have been selected to participate in this program.

Eason Duan
Morgan Dykens
Josiah Fenwick
Louis Gough
Evan Johnson
Thomas Kroemer-Rensch
Andrew Ludbrook
Mabel MacKnee
Burkley Newman
Aaryan Pooni
Hudson Roberts
Lincoln Ruscheinski
Dominic Santos
Grayson Simpson
Kaius souter
Dane Tekavc
Nathan Westlake
Cole Zarrelli

We are proud of how many players came to try out for this program, and acknowledge the tenacity and effort of each athlete. We hope to see everyone come out again for our summer teams selection process.