We are pleased to announce that NL will be running the “MSET” program for this season. “MSET” is short for Mosquito Select Extra Training. Curtis Zarrelli is leading our 11U (AKA Mosquito) MSET team for this season. The following players have been selected to participate in this program.

  1. Jackson Bentley
  2. Bryton Bourne
  3. Silas Cave
  4. Elijah Chung
  5. Weston Ferguson
  6. Reid Gill
  7. Ben Hepburn
  8. Preston Hutfelter
  9. Bam Kessler
  10. Noah Keith
  11. Colin MacLean
  12. Sam McLachlan
  13. Luc McTeer
  14. Jack Matheson
  15. Brody O’Donnell
  16. Bentley Paterson
  17. Asher Ransom
  18. Kieran Reimer
  19. Eliot Roth
  20. Caleb Simpson
  21. Joshua Steiner
  22. Ryan Zarrelli

We are proud of how many players came to try out for this program, and acknowledge the tenacity and effort of each athlete. We hope to see everyone come out again for our summer teams selection process.